Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Year 2009 Dundalk Heritage Fair Photos

Photography by David Robert Crews

Welcome to my year 2009 Dundalk Heritage Fair photography blog postings.

The photography assignment -- which I had given to myself -- was to completely and clearly reveal that: the Dundalk Heritage Fair is held in comfortable, convenient, big-strong-beautiful-shade-tree endowed, and grass carpeted Dundalk Heritage Park; the Fair is well attended by some mighty fine, completely relaxed, friendly and fun loving folks; everything about the fair is usually a good experience; and dedicated, hard working, selfless volunteers from the community of Dundalk, Maryland make the Heritage Fair the outstanding success that it has been every year for the past 34 years.

This set of photographs is also all about natural photographic talent. Because, due to an unfortunate set of long standing circumstances, I could not photograph the 2009 Dundalk Heritage Fair with professional camera gear but had to photograph it all with an old Cannon Sure Shot "point and shoot" film camera that I borrowed. Manually operated pro gear allots me tons of creative control, which the all automatic Sure Shot does not.

And there no longer is an old fashioned photo lab at Dundalk Community College for me to do custom enlarging in. If you would care to view a substantial selection of my previous work done in that photo lab, along with much of my entire photography portfolio, check it all out at this link.

Also, I did the job at my own, personal expense, and I can't afford to have the negatives scanned as raw files, then fully enhanced, before they were turned into JPEGs -- with the limitations in sharpness and other photographic qualities that JPEGs are known for. But JPEGs load up onto a web page much faster.

Those losses of creative control really hurt me, but if I hadn't just told ya' you'd never know it's so when you're having a good time viewing my Heritage Fair photographic work.

I am a low income, disabled US Army Veteran, who has spent the past decade earnestly working and fighting to recover from substantial, devastating personal and financial losses, so it was rough on me -- in several ways -- to do this photography job. But the results are outstanding.

All things considered, including an inner drive to work as long and hard everyday as is possible, I love doing as much photography as I can.

There are 26 more Heritage Fair photography blog posts on this web site. Scroll down this page and 8 more posts roll out nicely below this one; then you hit the Older Posts button at the bottom of the blog posts to see 9 more posts about the Fair -- including great shots of Micky Dolenz signing autographs after he played a Rock 'n Roll concert at the Fair. If you explore this web sight past the Heritage Fair photos you will hit on posts for the 75th Annual Dundalk 4th of July Parade and then it is Dundalk Art Show photos from 2009; then it's lots more great photos of, and true words about, the best of Dundalk, Maryland USA.


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Anonymous said...

Terrific photos! Well done! I lived in Dundalk from Jan99 until Sept02, when I moved to Indy. I enjoyed living in Dundalk and often miss the area.