Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crafts Vendors Were Aplenty at The Fair

Photography by David Robert Crews

There was a long, easy row of well stocked crafts tents set up on a soft grassy lane with plenty of wide, healthy shade trees above, at the 2009 Dundalk Heritage Fair. I bought that crab shell with a moose on it for display in my home. Because for many, many, many moons I have hoped to someday have crab meat and moose meat at the same meal together. All totaled, during my 59 years so far on planet Earth, I have eaten bushels of crabs while living in Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay and the Bay's eastern, Baltimore area, backwaters. Unfortunately, in my entire life -- including times as a hunting guide up in the North Woods of Maine -- I have only been alloted the pure pleasure of consuming one moose steak; that steak was humongous and decidedly delicious.

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