Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Micky Dolenz Signing Autographs at the Dundalk Heritage Fair

Here sits Micky Dolenz -- formerly the singing drummer for the Rock and Roll band The Monkees -- preparing to sign autographs right after he finished wringin' out a rockin' good show at the 2009 Dundalk Heritage Fair.

The first person up for autographs had an old magazine about The Monkees and one of their albums to be signed. The second person in line had Micky sign a copy of the program for the 34th annual Dundalk Heritage Fair and 75th anniversary of the Dundalk Fourth of July Parade. You can see here that Micky had some of his own photos and CDs for sale and to be signed -- they sold out quickly. It is A-OK with me that he made as much money as he could from the event. He had earned it by the way he, his sister Coco and their band had worked hard on stage entertaining a grateful crowd in Dundalk Heritage Park.

Above, Micky is happily signing a chairback that has The Monkees logo in the form of a guitar on it. That chairback belongs to the longhaired 'cat' in the photo below -- who's name is Chris Rayman. Chris is a Rock 'n Roll drummer who was inspired to begin his music career by seeing Micky play the drums on The Monkees TV show. Chris is a hard core Monkees fan. Chris recently opened his Phoenix Comix store in Dundalk Village Shopping Center. I saw that Monkees chair in Chris' comics store and suggested that he have Micky sign it at the Fair. Micky was happy to sign it; Chris was pleased to have it autographed; and I was right-well happy and pleased me-self to be there witnessing the scene and photographing it.

I was absolutely thrilled to be there when that Monkees Headquarters album was signed by Micky Dolenz. It had already been signed by the other three members of the former Monkees, and, myself being a longtime collector of certain things, I was thrilled to be there when that autograph collector completed his collection of former Monkees' signatures.

The following three photos clearly reveal how personable and downright genuine Micky is when meeting his fans.

In the photo above, Micky attentively listens to a fan's friendly compliment or question.

Photography by David Robert Crews

In the shot above, the ol' Mick-ster's mug glows with an endearing smile, after he had swapped jovial comments with one of the Heritage Fair backstage personnel. Micky, if you read this, I hope that you don't feel that I have overstepped the natural boundary line that exists between people who don't personally know each other by referring to you here as "the ol' Mick-ster"; you did, after all, spend a lot of time in my living room entertaining my entire family way back when new episodes of The Monkees TV show were being broadcast every week. And, Micky, thank you - Coco - and the band for playing a great concert in my hometown Dundalk.

As I sit here at my home computer, in the living room of the townhouse I rent on Liberty Parkway, in Dundalk, Maryland, USA, I can twist in my chair slightly to the left, peer out my front door and gaze about 150 yards across well maintained sports fields behind the Dundalk Elementary School into beautiful Dundalk Heritage Park and look directly at the spot where Micky Dolenz - his sister Coco - and their smashing band (ya' know what 'ah mean here by using the British term "smashing", don't you?) that Dolenz crew on Stage #1 of the Dundalk Heritage Fair delivered up some "out 'a sight", rockin' and rollin' goods on Sunday evening, July 5, 2009. It was a true privilege to have had them play practically right there in my friggin front yard.


catkr said...

I was at that show. Micky and his band rocked the place. He has such a strong voice. It was such a terrific show. I talked to him for a little bit afterwards and he is just the nicest person. It was a great evening.

Anonymous said...

This was only my second concert and I was only 14. I had begged my dad to take me to see the concert I was so surprised that Micky was signing autographs. When I got up to Micky to have him sign the color photo of the Monkees I had just bought, I had all these things in my head I wanted to say to him but I couldn't say anything but "thank you" when he handed me back the photo. I quite literally bounced away. That was probably one of the happiest times of my life.