Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Doesn't That Look Relaxing?

Photography by David Robert Crews

What a relaxing scene that is.

Too youz (youz is "all of you" as spoken in a Dundalk dialect) English majors: I do know that "Don't That Look Relaxing?" in proper English is Doesn't That Look Relaxing? -- I just wanted to include a little bit 'ah local language on here.

If you peer past the two guys comfortably conversing on the Heritage Park bench, you will see the beer garden; then just past the beer garden, over the surrounding reddish-brown snow fence and across a skinny street is a neat line of portable potties. There's plenty enough of them portables that you rarely ever have to wait in line to use those necessary facilities.

There was, as always, a pleasant Baltimore County Police presence at the Dundalk Heritage Fair, but not one single arrest was made during the entire July 3, 4 and 5, 2009 weekend at the Fair.

I keep wondering where this widely alleged dangerous and dilapidated place Dundalk is. It isn't anywhere at all, because the grossly distorted image of Dundalk, Maryland that exists in the minds of many people is a figment of fertilized imaginations. And this photography blog of mine -- Blue Skies Over Dundalk Maryland -- proves that Dundalk, Md. is a nice place to live, work, shop, recreate and visit.

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