Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And For Dessert at The Dundalk Heritage Fair

Photography by David Robert Crews

Some of your choices for a scrumptious sweet treat at the Dundalk Heritage Fair included Stouten's shaved ice gourmet snowballs, Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cakes, or maybe ya' might have munched on deliriously delicious double stuffed battered and deep fried Oreo Cookies!

You may wonder why an experienced photographer like myself has not cropped that trash container out of the snowball stand photo; and I should have, except for the fact that I'm a long time, hard core Recycle Ranger who wants to show that the Heritage Fair staff willingly put in the extra effort to recycle as much waste product as they could -- that clear plastic refuse container is there for the deposit of emptied plastic bottles and other items to be recycled. Recycling is good for our Planet Earth that the little baby being carried by his proud poppa is growing up on.

Oh yeah, by the way. If you look into the background of that snowball stand shot, you can see the green and yellow Dundalk Elementary School playground that oodles of kids at the Fair played on -- just one more reason why the Fair was a fun experience for all.

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