Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Carnival Portion of The Heritage Fair Juts Out From The Main Body of The Fair Into Open, Breezy Sports Fields

Photography by David Robert Crews

I composed this photo as a very wide shot in order to show you that the carnival portion of The Dundalk Heritage Fair juts out from the main body of the Fair into open, breezy, well maintained sports fields that are behind Dundalk Elementary School. The main body of the Fair is on the other side of the school in beautiful, tree shaded Dundalk Heritage Park. And though you can only, easily, see the largest rides on the carnival midway, I assure you that there is a nice selection of kiddies rides there and plenty of carnival games and also booths selling carnival food and drink there.

I took this shot of the carnival section of the Dundalk Heritage Fair before the fair opened; hence, there are no riders on the rides yet. But the carnival ride operators sure got a good workout when the Fair was open.

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