Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One of the Many Dundalk Heritage Fair Volunteers

Photography by David Robert Crews

The photo above is of Bob Fogle, who has been the Heritage Fair entertainment chairman ever since the Fair began, way back in 1976. But he didn't get his bluejeans dirty by doing work on recruiting music acts as entertainment for the Fair; the day this photo was taken Bob was gettin' down and dirty while working with the rest of the volunteer crew who were setting up the Fair's fences, electric lines, etc..

The Dundalk Heritage Fair is an all volunteer endeavor. And it takes many kinds of volunteer efforts to produce the event during every 4th of July holiday time. Efforts that begin right after each year's Heritage Fair ends. And many of the volunteers work at full time jobs or own their own successful businesses.

I need names for all of the volunteers featured in this and the next 5 blog entries. If you know who they are, please email me: ursusdave at yahoo dot com

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