Monday, July 13, 2009

Korean War and World War Two Veterans

Check out the guy in the lower left corner who is kneeling down and showing a sign that reads THANKS BOYS, which is being shown to all the veterans and military as they pass by.

Photography by David Robert Crews

These are the only military veterans whom I was at parade-side for when they passed by. I live right on the block I photographed the parade from and had family, friends and neighbors to spend time with in my home as well as at parade-side. Consequently, I was not able to photograph all of the passing veterans and serving military as I wish I could have. I am a Vietnam Era US Army Vet, so don't be accusing me of not including my brothers and sisters of the Vietnam Veterans of America, or any other participants in the parade at all, on purpose, or we might have to 'step outside and dance' a little bit. I love my fellow military vets and today's active duty military folks; I fully appreciate all who represented us so well by participating in the year-2009, 75th anniversary, Dundalk, Maryland 4th of July Parade.

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