Saturday, November 18, 2006

Urban Design Assistance Team Photographs

All of my other photographs on the other posts on this web site were scanned into JPEG files from custom, hand printed 8x10 photographs, which I printed in the "wet" lab at Dundalk Community College.

The photos on this blog post were scanned into JPEG files from 4x6 photos that were printed by a generic commercial photo printing company; hence, these photos are nowhere near as nice, crispy and clear as I could make them myself, with better digital photo reproduction equipment. In fact, the UDAT JPEGs on here are rather blurry looking renditions of the excellent negatives which the photos were printed from.

Please excuse the photos' blurry appearance and understand that these copies must act as a ‘proof set’ of a fair selection of my entire set of negatives from the Urban Design Assistance Team’s visit. And also understand that I have a much wider selection of them.

The entire internationally staffed Urban Design Assistance Team. They voluntarily worked long, intense hours for my community’s benefit.

All of the Baltimore TV stations gave the UDAT visit plenty of fair coverage.

A Welcome wall with photos and other things to set the tone of the work space for all who entered there.

Team members toured the entire community getting ideas and citizen’s input. Here are a few of them taking input from local residents in the Fleming Community Center in the Turner Station Neighborhood of Dundalk.

A Baltimore Sun Newspaper reporter interviewing Chamber of Commerce leader Pat Winter.

Architect Martin Perlik from Czechoslovakia enjoying the UDAT work he did for Dundalk.

UDAT team member doing his thing in front of an crowded gym floor full of attentive local citizens.

This is an overview of the UDAT work space which was set up in St. Rita School’s gymnasium.

Long time local community volunteer Eleanor Lukanich and the UDAT leader Peter Batchelor meet and greet as a young local citizen looks on. The intelligent, concerned young kid is interested in helping his community’s future to be a revitalized success.

Handmade decorations and well wishes for their future in Dundalk which came from students at Dundalk Elementary School. This UDAT visit was, and the ongoing renaissance of Dundalk is, heavily supported by many local residents of all ages.

Co-leader of the UDAT visit speaks about the work they were doing.

A very interesting place for us to visit while touring the area with UDAT members.

Two Dundalk lawyers, Wendy Zerwitz and Arnold Zerwitz, are briefed on the UDAT process by former high school principal and Dundalk Renaissance Corporation leader Ed Parker.

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