Monday, November 27, 2006

The Key Bridge Brings Traffic Into Dundalk

Photography by David Robert Crews

There are two problems which limit your ability to enjoy the full impact of this superb photograph. One is the limitations of JPEG files as photographs, which causes some weird, wavy effects in the deep, rich colors of the sky. The other is that the original photo had dust on it when I scanned into a JPEG file. I did not wipe all of the dust off of my original print, which I custom, hand printed, in Dundalk Community College's color photo lab, because I love this photo so much that I did not want to give it away on the Internet in perfect shape. It needs to be cleaned right and rescanned. I also need to rescan all my photos using a higher quality scanner. This way I am somewhat protecting my photos from copyright infringement by having lesser quality versions on the Internet--none of my photos are right click disabled, anyone can take a copy of any of them off these web sites of mine. If you left click on the photo and enlarge it, you'll see better what is so superb about it.

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