Tuesday, November 28, 2006

There Are Some Nice Shops In Dundalk Village

Photography by David Robert Crews

There are some nice little shops in Dundalk Village Shopping Center. These shops have all changed owners or management since these photos were taken in 2000, but they look about the same today.

The top photo is Scoops Cafe. It is an ice cream parlor and sandwich shop that is leaning towards also being a delicatessen today. The new owners are some real nice ladies.

The middle photo is of RTI Jewelers. They have a wholesale watch repair shop in the back section of the store that services many Baltimore area jewelry stores. So if you go to them with your watch repair or battery replacement needs you'll save about 2/3 of what it would cost elsewhere. As of this date, November 27, 2006, the store has everything in their retail shop for sale at 1/2 price, and they will probly keep the sale going till Christmas. The fellow in the photo passed away recently, his daughter is running the shop now.

The bottom photo is the Dundalk Cleaners and Alterations Shop. There is a new owner, but the good service and quality work are still the same, just by different old fashioned tailors.

There are several new shops in the shopping center that are helping to make Dundalk Village's much deserved revitalization happen. The old and new shops are all well staffed by good people who need your business. The shops are quite nice and just right for a village shopping district, forget the megamalls for a day and come do some Christmas shopping in Dundalk Village. Or come and have a meal in the good eateries there. Or stop by to buy something you need to grab real quick and take a look around, the place is definitely on the upswing.

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