Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bring Back The Tradition

Photography by David Robert Crews

We have to bring back the business into Dundalk Village Shopping Center to bring back the tradition of having Ole Jack the Jehovah's Witness hanging out in front of the grocery store. It was kind of a more secure feeling walking near the grocery store when Jack was out there all the time greeting store patrons and passersby. He didn't push his religion on others, he just made it available for anyone who might be interested. Beings that no Hari Krishnas or other overtly religious individuals wanted their fair allotted time out in front of the store, Jack got to stay there and pass the time doing his thing.

I seriously doubt that he made any converts while he was out there.

Personally, I'm not religious, I'm spiritual.

The tolerance of all the shopping center patrons and store owners, who practice a different religion than Jack or have another way of dealing with life, who didn't complain much about Jack being out there, was a religious and spiritual experience in itself.

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