Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Welcome To My Dundalk Art Show Photo Blog Entries

The 2009 Dundalk Art Show was held on Sunday, May 31 in Dundalk's nice little Veterans Park. The event had been rained out on its first scheduled date, two weeks prior, and it was almost rained out the second time. But the merciful sky ceased its mournful crying at about 8 AM on Sunday morning, and the show was a go. The artist and crowd turnout was down in numbers, because of the rain delays, but everyone there was shor'nuff up and at 'um with their friendly, peaceful, artistic spirits creating considerable comradeship and generalized relaxation. It was a typical bright and sunny day in Dundalk Village, with a decent selection of art and music to be enjoyed in, tree shaded, Veterans Park.

Those triangular monuments are in remembrance of the Dundalk residents who have given their lives for American freedoms.

Photography by David Robert Crews

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