Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mike Dewitt, Butterfly Phreak and Photographer

Doin' that creepin'-cartoon-character-style butterfly sneak!

Photography by David Robert Crews

This blog post features Dundalk Art Show entrant, butterfly photographer, Mike Dewitt; he is a well known local authority on butterflies and off-the-wall humor. Mike maintains an extensive portfolio of his butterfly photographs, and well honed skills at jokin' 'n jivin'. He ain't jiving that lady in the white shirt, though, as he graciously reveals his skills at sneaking up on butterflies to photograph them. Some photographers keep that kind of a successful technique a secret.

Then, in the bottom shot, Mike chaws on a celebratory cigar and happily tips his hat to this photo's viewers, 'cause he won second place in the nonprofessional photography category-- he earned a red ribbon -- for his butterfly photos.


Anonymous said...

Mike Dewitt is an outstanding photographer. His collection of Butterfly photographs is amazing, but he did not win the Blue Ribbon at the Art Show. Your information is not accurate.

ursusdave said...

I know, I got my ribbon colors mixed up; I was gonna check the facts then forgot to do so the night I was writing the post. A day later, I was showing the Mike Dewitt blog post to a mutual friend of Mike's and mine, at the Village Coffee and Tea House in Dundalk Shopping Center, and the friend told me too that second prize ribbons are always red not blue. I forgot to change it in my blog. Thanks for reminding me.

The actual first place blue ribbon winner for nonprofessional photography, Dotty Cristy, most certainly did win first place thanks to the above average visual powers of her photographs and her dedication to learning how to produce high quality photography. She won! Ain't no-bout-a-doubt-it; her work was by far the best non-pro photography display of the show.

Besides, this Dewitt post is mostly about a locally popular guy having fun on a beautiful day amongst other congenial photographers and artists and Dundalk Art Show attendees in Veterans Park; and no one is going to loose out on or be given any photographic offers or opportunities because of my little mistake. A mistake made because I can't seem to shake off decades of serious depression that screws up my ability to concentrate and write correctly. I know that very few other writers have to do as many rewrites as I do to get a written piece completed, because I see them getting their news stories and other works out much faster than I can.

I do appreciate you -- Anonymous, checking out my blog quite thoroughly, so thanks for the reminder to change the ribbon color.

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Anonymous said...

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