Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Stainless Steel Scale Model of the Millers Island Light(house)

Photography by David Robert Crews

That's Bill Elliott talking about one of his far out, fantastic crab sculptures. Bill lives in the right place to be a crab lover -- on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Millers Island, Maryland. He is a professional welder. Monsieur Elliott and family are a gregarious bunch, and they've lived in Eastern Baltimore County for years. Bill and I swapped a steady flow of quick old and new Millers Island stories.

That 8 ft tall lighthouse there behind Mr. Elliott is a scale model of the Millers Island Light. That famous structure is right there at a nice distance from the Elliott family's shoreline backyard -- or is it the front yard? Millers Island Light stands solid and secure out there in shallow waters of the Chesapeake Bay. The aesthetics of the scenery along that section of Eastern Baltimore County shoreline often include -- depending on the weather -- a straight shot way down the bay all the way to the Bay Bridge. And Bill's an artist! What stupendous artistic inspiration =-= the Chesapeake Bay beginning at the end of his front yard, and just a hoot 'n a holler across the water is Millers Island Light.

All during Sunday afternoon at the 2009 Dundalk Art Show, the bright, clear, spirit lifting sunlight spraying down from the heavens above was creating a drastic contrast with the darker, cool, welcoming shade provided by the park's healthy and mature tree population. Consequently, some of my film's images are difficult to present on here with nice and evenly balanced bright and dark areas. I was using a borrowed point-and-shoot 35 MM film camera; a good one, but its automatic lens adjustments couldn't deal too well with having bright, blue skies above effecting the camera's light meter while I'm shooting into places where solid shade is scattered all around. I did the best I can to enhance these images using my limited Adobe Photoshop skills, and this miniature Millers Island Light shot shows how bad the natural contrast got to be in my Art Show photo series. But I have to include this photo on this blog because the shot is the best one of the multiple exposures I made that include the scale model of the Light.

I love visiting that Millers Island area and seeing its lighthouse out there in the middle of shallow waters, whilst I take a gander off down towards the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

That scale model of the Light is awesome.

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