Saturday, July 28, 2012

Eddie Money At The Dundalk Heritage Fair Performing Part of "One More Soldier"

Videography by David Robert Crews {a.k.a. ursusdave}

Eddie Money and his band at the 2011 Dundalk Heritage Fair. The little stereo microphones, on my inexpensive Nikon Coolpix 110, can't handle the heavy, loud sounds of drums and bass guitars on Stage 1/The Shipway Stage at the fair. So the sound comes out terribly distorted, but you get to see how good the band looked in Dundalk Heritage Park - on July 3, 2011.

You can see - and thoroughly enjoy - the best danged collection of Eddie Money concert photos and some half-decent video clips on my Flickr pages. I took good shots of every member in the band, and they all have some nice photos of them amongst these offerings. So rock and roll on over to:

Eddie Money at the 2011 Dundalk Heritage Fair

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