Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Slideshow Of Dundalk, Md. Homes with Christmas Lights

Photography by David Robert Crews
a.k.a. ursusdave

The photographs in this slideshow were are taken during December 2010 - in Dundalk, Maryland. They are sized to best fit a computer monitor screen, so that you may use them as a desktop background photo or for a screensaver. ENJOY!


Anonymous said...

I think you should add Quinn Richardson to your list. Grad of Dundalk high, now a graphic Artist, living in Kensington Md

ursusdave said...

I discussed putting Quinn's name on my list of Dundalk natives and residents of note with his mother, Candy, about three years ago. I lived close by and walked over to her house one day and told her I wanted to put Quinn on the list. I've known her well since the early 1970s. And I went to school with Quinn's father - Chucky.

I forget what questions I asked Candy about Quinn and why I told her I couldn't rightly put Quinn on that list. I knew he was doing some outstanding graphic arts work, and I heard he was working on major movies and other top projects. I knew Quinn as a kid, and I have wanted to put him on the list for a long time. I just did some web searching to see if I can get him on it. And I found a web page I can link to that proves to me and shows readers of the list that Quinn does indeed fit right in with the other people on that list.

I think I may have asked Candy if her son had a web site, and she said no, and I don't believe he had any Internet presence at the time. He joined the company where his info is on their web site just about the time I was talking to his mom about him. In fact, I believe she said he had just moved from living a little farther down south and up to D.C., where his current employer is located.

I wanna set everyone straight on this, I wanted Quinn Richardson on that list for several years now, and I just found the info about him that allows me to finally do so. I haven't been adding blog posts for awhile, so I just got around here to see and publish your Anonymous comment. I'll have the blog updated shortly. Thank you for spurring me on to look for web published info about Quinn's outstanding accomplishments and success.